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Rocksteady is making a new game. It will probably be a new Batman game, but of course I am excited for this news, I really am. But I would love for them to maybe try a new comic book video game IP. Something they could use the Arkham Asylum engine on.
Rocksteady is good at their craft, they managed to make an amazing Batman game and an awesome sequel to boot, but would they be able to continue their legacy with a race car driving game? A farm sim? No, I really don’t think so. I think they have become a staple for comic book hero games, what they managed to do was create a Batman game with a narrative we can all follow, all their ideas and ours melded into one disc.

It was done, after years of horrible Batman games we got what we wanted. While we wait for the next installment in Rocksteadys Batman series one can hope they stay in the whole comic book adaptations. I for one, would love to see them do a Spawn game.
Spawn has kind of slipped away from mainstream media and has become a comic book only locomotive. We see Spiderman and many many more Marvel games being shot at us randomly. It would be different for someone out there to announce that they are working on a Spawn game and I want Rocksteady to do it.


3 thoughts on “A Spawn Video Game

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