I wake up and can’t go back to sleep, what do I do? Make some coffee and have a doughnut, not the best brain food I know, but Safeway doesn’t open till eight and it’s the only way I can get some spinach sandwiches.
So good.. Anyway I have to work at eleven in the morning and then end that at three in the afternoon, a four hour shift which is good because today I also have to finish some title pages for my room mate. Once that’s done I will have some time to play some more Final Fantasy XIII-2.
My Valentines Day was pretty chill this year, me and my boyfriend didn’t go all out and I guess you can say we kind of took a small break? We pretty much just talked to one another like we usually do. Maybe next year we can go all out when he comes back to Canada. Other than that, nothing really that interesting happened.
I guess today I will be able to talk to him for an hour or two before he sleeps. We have a crazy time difference which kind of separates us from talking a lot since he has school and I have work. He lives in South Africa at the moment and is attending school there until November.
Hopefully when I get home I can get everything done!


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