I am a twenty two year old male living in the small but largely crowded city of Brandon. I play video games, a lot of video games.
I have been laying video games for as long as I could remember, I also enjoy art and conceptual drafts for movies or video games. It doesn’t have to relate to video games though, I really love all kinds of art whether it be water colored paintings of scenery or oil paintings of fruit.
Here I am, doing the blog thing again. Hopefully this goes well and I can indulge in a daily ritual of posting and writing small personal articles on news and life. If it turns out to just be my daily journal then fine, just as long as I keep it as professional as I can. Which, probably won’t happen..

Anyway to whoever is reading this then hopefully you bookmark this, it’s up to you though. If you enjoy reading about video games without the help of cat macros or internet memes then this is the place to look. So join me on this written journey into the unknown and hopefully I can get off my ass and one day get into this whole creative writing stuff and into the mainstream.


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