Well, I have logged in a decent amount of hours playing Final Fantasy XIII-2, and I can finally say I almost finished. If it weren’t for the damn Chaos Bahamut being so hard.
But at least now I can go grind some CP and max out my characters.
I think on the first Final Fantasy XIII I maxed out my characters to their full potential, took a long time though and a lot of battles on Gran Pulse.
I have to say though the only thing that really disappoints me in this game is that you can’t play as Lightning, only for a short amount of time and you don’t really get to enjoy her cool new armor and awesome new gunblade.. Other than that I should get a decent amount of play time today from just leveling up.
After that I will face Caius and beat the game, then start my review. I am also thinking of picking up Twisted Metal today, I can’t turn down a good game like that, the limited edition also comes with a free download of Twisted Metal black for the PS2, which I’m excited about since I LOVED that game. Nothing beats booting up the game and hearing The Rolling Stones pounding through your TV speakers while you blow up other vehicles and kill people.

Now then, my weekend should be pretty good hopefully. I will have finished my room mates title pages for her thingy at school, my cousin is coming over and possibly staying the night on Friday, so hopefully I can take Twisted Metal for a three player test drive on that night, along with some eating of the pizza or whatever fast food we can get our hands on.

Other than that I don’t really work till Tuesday, mainly because our hours were cut at work and now we kind of have to suffer for it.
So yeah, hopefully I can beat this game today or tomorrow and have a review up by Saturday. Hopefully I can bring in more followers by doing so and gain a few regulars on my blog. I know it’s still a baby, but the few followers I have really excites me. Maybe later on I can have a large network of gamers?
Who knows, right now I’m also trying to attract some food enthusiasts, so we can swap recipes and what not. Really looking forward to getting this thing up and running with a full post count.
Other than that, life in Brandon, Manitoba is A okay. Weather is slightly nice, still feeling a bit of the winter blues, the cold isn’t as bad as it was a week or two ago. It’s freakishly nice for February weather…
So yeah, that’s all I got for the morning. Enjoy the awesome music.


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