So, I just purchased the Twisted Metal reboot yesterday for the Playstation 3, first impressions are of course off the charts. I have been a Twisted Metal fan since the first game and I guess after Black I sort of lost interest, mainly because there was a long hiatus of Twisted Metal games since then.
Not including the portables though, I never really got a chance to play my PSP as much as I wanted to because of a loss of interest as well. So years later I finally catch a peek at the new Twisted Metal entry and I am floored. The online multiplayer looks tight and of course just seeing a Twisted Metal game again is just, loss for words.

Now that I actually have it I have to say that so far I am hooked, the multiplayer is actually fun and I can’t stop entering match after match. Usually with multiplayer online games I find myself losing interest about two days in, especially with something like Call of Duty.
But Twisted Metal, wow, as soon as I heard Rob Zombie blasting in the background I was in, the nostalgia effect was switched on and I was fourteen again. I just finished the Sweet Tooth campaign and now I’m moving onto Mr. Grimm. The cinematics are gorgeous, it’s mixed with real footage of actors portraying the characters with CGI backgrounds that look almost real, something that should have been done with Twisted Metal: Black. The storyline in Twisted Metal: Black was too good to pass up real cinematics, but sadly it was just the regular slides we usually got from the Twisted Metal series.
I am looking forward to writing a review for this as I can already tell I have good things to say about the game so far.
So I guess I will have this and my Final Fantasy XIII-2 review up by tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend everybody!


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