Well the weekend isn’t starting out as planned, but at least I got a shift tomorrow at work.
Which is good considering so many of our hours got cut I guess having something is better than nothing.

At least I can talk to my fiance and play Twisted Metal the whole weekend, maybe put in a little downtime to work on some photography or painting. If not then maybe just the first two. Also went to see This Means War today, it didn’t come off as a romantic comedy in the trailers, maybe I’m just daft but it looked more like a comedy. It was alright, I feel as if Chelsea Handler stole the show though, especially since all the other characters were predictable.
She stole each scene playing Reese Witherspoon’s wonky alcoholic shoulder, if you know who Chelsea Handler is then you know her style of choking a laugh out of you. I think she is the female version of every character Jonah Hill or any other fat guy plays in a Judd Apatow film, or you know, from the people who brought you Superbad and those other god awful movies. Except, she was funnier. I think people are starting to realize that women are more funnier than men in comedies. It’s only a matter of time before women dominate the screen even more in other genres of film that we haven’t seen. It’s a good thing too.

Other than that I also got a chance to see a giant Prometheus ad inside the theater here in Brandon, pretty amazing if I do say so myself considering the fact that the movie doesn’t come out for awhile.

Usually it would be some overrated feature like Avengers or Iron Man getting the spotlight here in B-Town. Always good to see a good sci-fi feature getting some recognition, considering that most of the population here in this city don’t even know what the movie is about.
Anyway that will be all, I’m off to play some more Twisted Metal after Twisted Metal: Black finishes downloading from the PSN store.
To anyone who is reading this, tell me about your weekend. What do you plan on doing to top it off?


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