So after finally beating the annoyingly hard final boss on Final Fantasy XIII-2 and seeing that crazy ending I can finally have my say for the game. I know a lot of people already have beaten the game but I got the game a little later than everyone else. Mainly because I had second thoughts a few times, like, I don’t know.. I’m sure there are some people who really liked XIII but for me, it was just this really short experience.
It didn’t leave any lasting taste on my tongue that I could really gush about it. It was different, too different. I was used to doing a lot of the same things on Final Fantasy games, see with Final Fantasy it was always about the storyline. I could deal with the same crap over and over but the storyline was always different. That kept it fresh for me. I’m not saying all Final Fantasy games are the same, they each have unique battle systems that keep getting more and more complicated, which is a good thing. I for one am a fan of the ATB gauge.

It was probably the only high point for me in XIII, the battle system was quick and fast paced and sometimes a little challenging. So to come into Final Fantasy XIII-2, the grounds were familiar but the magic was different. This game was everything that XIII should have been, the exploration and the amount of side missions and things to do are extended and a lot more fun to do. The locations, some the same, some new and mouth dropping. Like say for instance the first time I stepped into Acaedmia (the new one) I was literally wide eyed, the graphics were so beautiful and it was fun exploring the city. I didn’t really enjoy the whole shop system though, Chocolina or whatever is hell annoying, I miss visiting different stores and having to look through a different variety of items and junk. But I guess it’s better than the save system with the store attached on the first XIII game.

My only complaint is that, even though Lightning is on the cover in all her bad assery, you don’t really get to play as her for long. Not saying I hate Serah, I actually loved her even more after this game, I really did. I really think she grew as a character and became a fighter like her sister, I just hope we get to play as Lightning in the next game.
But yeah the storyline, great plot but confusing at first for some who aren’t into the whole time travel thing. I for one hate time travel in video games, I liked it at first back the Ocarina of Time days even though it kind of messed up the whole timeline but now with all this paradox stuff.. I’m left even more in the dark. But once the game moves along a little you really understand whats going on, if you have time like me to read some of the datalogs as well and figure out what happened in the past, or what happens in the future.
You then get the whole idea of whats going on and why it’s affecting these characters. I really feel for Serah and Noel, you kind of see why when you play the game. It’s very sad and disappointing in the end and for the first time I can finally feel sorry for a Final Fantasy character.
So I really enjoyed the story and plot, I enjoyed the gameplay so much too! The battle system I obviously love, I also love the little addition of jumping, feels so nice to be able to explore different parts of the map that don’t seem accessible at first.
There’s also this live trigger thing that pops up every once and awhile during important conversations, think Mass Effect in Final Fantasy. Whatever you choose triggers one of the nine different endings in the game which I think is a well deserved addition to the game, mainly because I’m a big fan of Bioware games and found it neat to choose my destiny in the game.

The Good:
If you played Final Fantasy XIII and you are hoping that somewhere deep down in that little disc that there is some chance it will be better, then yes this is it. The graphics are of course amazing, the gameplay is top notch, the sound is a little questionable. But I wouldn’t argue and say it was bad, the music is a little memorable sometimes but for me unlike most of the others I actually find the battle theme in this game more epic.
The storyline is amazing too so, if you are curious about how the game continues then this is the game for you. Just, don’t think of it as Final Fantasy X-2, it’s SOOOO much better than that.

The Bad:
Well, I am not that big a fan of Japanese Anime, I’m really not. I can’t deal with the females characters bubbly little attitudes and their whole personification of the Japanese school girl. It’s not cute and if you have a fetish for this kind of thing, then you’ll LOVE this game.

Should I buy this game?
You probably should, it’s the latest FF entry we will have for awhile until this Final Fantasy Versus XIII comes out. So yeah, for the experience and the possible sequel that will come out soon, you should.


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