How would I define love? How would I explain this to someone who would ask me the question, some divine entity once my life is over. I guess it would be something like this. Pure, something that won’t burn when caught on fire. Something non combustible. Love is immune, a beautiful jewel that is shielded from outside danger.

A diamond that cannot be destroyed or destroy. It means that no matter how many times a couple creates fire together, it won’t burn their love for one another, it won’t be destroyed. Only a fools jewel can be destroyed, that is the love I do not hold in my heart. It is shielded and protected, shielded from the horrible words that escape my lips, the horrible thoughts that corrupt my mind when we start fires. The barrier is scarred, but not worn down. It is powerful, not even death can destroy it. Love is a powerful jewel. One day I will reach through the barrier, break off a small piece and give to my loved one. I know deep down he carries the same, flawless crafted jewel inside of him, but I still can sleep knowing he will have a piece of mine to carry with him. Love is a jewel, and so is he.


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