After what felt like a century, we finally have a new Twisted Metal game out and it is GLORIOUS. I of course played the multiplayer demo a week or two ago and got a chance to test it out. I didn’t find any flaws whatsoever, of course the controls were a bit different and the whole matchmaking thing didn’t really go through at times. Other than that playing it was a whole cluster of good emotions, excitement was pretty much the only thing I could feel.

I used to play Twisted Metal games as a kid and once I heard they were making one for PS2, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Once having it though I didn’t really find it as memorable as most Twisted Metal games. Now that this reboot of the sorts has been released I can finally say that the same experience I got all those years ago, it’s finally here. After beating story mode and enjoying hours on end of multiplayer, I had nothing but good things to say about the game. The story mode is fun, kind of has that Twisted Metal: Black feel, the story is dark but actually satirical at times. You go through campaigns of the main characters and sadly there’s only four of them, you don’t get a lot of the old Twisted Metal characters you were so used to seeing back in the day.
But you do get their vehicles,still. It’s a little weird seeing Sweet Tooth riding around on Axel’s wheel. Multiplayer on the other hand is hectic, but in a good way. You have sixteen player battles with a TON of different modes to choose from, my favorite being Last Man Standing and Nuke, where you basically have to fight the other team for their statue. I would say that I actually enjoy this multiplayer more than any Call of Duty game.
Now the music was something, I doubted this game for awhile until I found myself ripping through houses, missles flying everywhere around me, Rob Zombie and Judas Priest blasting in the background, it gets you so pumped and it’s such a relief that they went back to licensed music again, instead of that grim sounding soundtrack they had for Black.
There are a few originally composed songs on this soundtrack but still, they sound just as amazing.
Now to cap this off, yes, it’s a short review, but it’s also a review about a reboot of a classic. I don’t have much to say about it other than it’s a good nostalgic experience that shouldn’t be missed if you’re a Twisted Metal fan. This is actually a good show of the multiplayer we can accomplish with a vehicle combat game, it wasn’t done as good as it was when they added online to Black, but it was years ago and PS2 online wasn’t as, well, good.
Now we have this powerful system and this tight multiplayer that you are sure to enjoy, after all, Twisted Metal was really made for you to play with your friends back when it first came out. You even get a trophy for playing splitscreen multiplayer on this game, made me feel old when it said ‘Classic’. It’s a fun multiplayer and you will love the story mode, the cinematics are gorgeous and finally some of the best I’ve seen in a Twisted Metal game.

The Good:
It’s the same old Twisted Metal, but that’s a good thing. You aren’t getting someones weird twisted indie game about how their lives were as a child. You’re getting Twisted Metal, a game where you blow up other cars and shoot gas canisters out from the trunk of your car to blow up your opponents, all while listening to Judas Priest.

The Bad:
Controls are weird and sometimes a little clunky. Four factions of characters, replaced with a bunch of vehicles. Would have been better to see everyone back again, maybe for future DLC?

Should I buy this?


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