Well, here is to another day, another job, and many many other hopeful opportunities! I start my new job today and I have to say that I am already enjoying it. I think at the moment I fit right into the whole retail environment better than I do at fast food. It makes sense to me and the work environment is a little more professional and steady.
Of course the job may not spark my interests and future job hopes but it does fit my work and labor preferences!
Which is a good thing to say the least, I will probably hold into this one for awhile along the road through education and to the possible future.

On another note I finished Mass Effect 3, great game, no complaints and possibly no review for it, probably just some 1000 word praise review for how amazing it is. Also the weather is really nice today! Hopefully everything will melt an we can move onto spring. Still shocked at how fast the days are going by, everything is just slowly falling into place..


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