So there’s this game right? It’s called Animal Crossing: City Folk. It’s this little innocent game where you make a human character that moves into a small little town full of talking animals.
You basically live in that virtual life, you pay rent to this little raccoon who gives you these outlandish prices to pay in bells (Animal Crossing currency I don’t know.) once you’re done with that your house of course expands and you can decorate it however you like.
I remember back when this game came out like, a decade ago. It was for the Gamecube and it wasn’t exactly a visual marvel back then, still isn’t today but you just have to play it to understand the logic about it’s playability. It’s mindless, laid back fun. You can play with friends, make fashion, change your avatars clothing, bother animals, kick the animals you don’t like out of your town. It’s all done in real time too by the in-game clock which you can change to your desire.
I prefer to play by our real world time and find it a little enjoyable to see what the animals in my town are up to while I’m not around. But yeah, I know it’s a little too late to be raving about this game, but I just booted it up a few nights ago and found myself putting in a tremendous amount of time into it.

This is strange considering I just bought Mass Effect 3 and have been sort of neglecting it at times to play a game that came out in 2008. Then again, I have also been playing Mass Effect 2 more than 3… Anyway my cousin and I have been having fun with it, generally it was fun back then to play Animal Crossing alone back on the Gamecube, but once Nintendo added the online functionality back on the NDS version, it wasn’t as lonely and barren.

So I will probably be posting some of me and my cousins Animal Crossing antics, since this is mostly a gaming blog I decided it would be cool to post a screen grab every now and then. So, if you read my blog, then look out for that. I already made one post about it so, yeah.

Also I don’t know who drew that disturbing fan art, if you did then message me about it and I will credit you.


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