Fortune, immediately we think of tons of money, something we can fall back on and blissfully wash all of the toils we deal with from day to day life. Often times a man wonders what he would do with a fortune, would he retire at twenty three and live on doing what he pleases? Living carelessly and free without having to report into a daily routine every so often?
A woman, same thing, the two are no different as much as we want to divide the two sexes. Once we have a fortune we’re all set.
That’s pretty deep right? Even for someone like me, I can’t comprehend what brought me to the thought. I kind of had this fortune cookie lying around since yesterday and was pondering on opening it, I usually don’t eat them but when I do, yum.

Tonight though was different, I usually don’t get affected by stuff like this but after reading it, made me kind of think a lot.
The kind of fortune I tend to see it as is some vague prophecy or some words of wisdom on a little piece of paper slipped into a cookie made of sugar, vanilla and oil. But sometimes they can be a little deep. I guess tonight’s fortune made me feel a little selfish, I tend to go along and put my needs and wants before others. Even before others I love. Which is kind of bad, I love my family, I really do. I only talk to a few of them and never get a chance to connect with them as much as I’d want to, but they’re busy and I understand that. I dedicate this blog to them and many of the other people I love. Mostly my dear mother who took real good care of me and raised me as her own, I love her to pieces and I try to thank god every day for being able to hear her voice on the phone at least once.

My family is my fortune, I couldn’t live without their judgement and I don’t think I’d be anywhere without it. Right now I’m in a bad place, kind of in-between a caterpillar and a butterfly. I’m stuck here confused, wondering what I should do about the future. I have so many people telling me what I should do or giving me the side-eye when I tell them what I want to do. I think everyone my age who is sitting down, stuck, not knowing what to do is thinking the same thing. I want to finish school, I want to have a better job and I don’t want to be stuck here my entire life. Stuck here meaning this purgatory of sitting here planning out my future.

I think that’s when I kind of see the bright side of things, there’s always that one side of the world that shines the brightest, the place where the sun hits the hardest and there are no shadows. That place is my determination, it’s there and it’s always bright, I just like to say it’s frozen right now and pretty soon I will thaw it out. I just want to steady the balance in my life before I attempt anything that could break me, that’s all I want to establish about the situation I’m in at the moment.
That’s why I’m going to probably do what my fortune cookie says, a small act of charity. I won’t say what I’m going to do because I don’t want to play it out like everyone else does. I don’t want to brag about making someone else happy and post it all over Facebook.
We’ll see how this goes.
Look at your fortune, be thankful for what you’ve got. Do what you will with these words, laugh at them, cherish them, hold me to them.


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