So here is a post about what’s been happening with my life lately, the boring stuff I know but this is my blog, you deal. Oh, also that random picture of Amber Rose? Yeah, I typed in Island Life on Google.
So I now have a new job, yes still in retail but it’s good, I fit in there and I know I won’t be doing it for a long time. It’s still good though, steady, something to have me busy during the day. The crappy thing is I’m only a call-in till next week since I’m not even in the system yet, but it’s good I guess.. At least I’m having fun, didn’t really learn anything new in training, and at least with this job I have a chance at advancing since management is actually pretty well put together there.
I also won’t be purchasing that many video games from now on until maybe Christmas, or unless something interesting comes out. Reason is because it really blows a hole in my wallet, which is understandable right? $60 for something that won’t be wasted or disappear like drugs or alcohol, a night of partying would probably only be memorable for a few days and I would forget about it.

I have this way of stopping myself from drinking or doing drugs, I applaud it really and of course all my friends see it as my bad side, well most of my friends but yeah, you get the idea. I’m just not that fun I guess, I have other ways of socializing and I know that my current age group has their ways.
I find it more fun to just sit back and chill, read a book or write. So whenever my mom nags me about the money I’m spending on video games or books, my defense is that; “Would you rather I spend it on crystal meth or five bottles of whiskey?” because honestly, waste of money for me. I won’t judge though, you do what you want. Just don’t judge me on being straight edge, it’s my decision and I love being able to buy stuff that I want.

Okay, kind of ranted there and went off topic.. Anyway yeah, not doing any game purchasing for awhile. The weather is nice as well, will be 20 degrees here in little old Brandon, Manitoba. I might find myself traversing around to take a few pictures, might upload them on here so. Yeah the warm weather, love it, sometimes I don’t even feel like I’m a Canadian, I really love when it’s smoldering hot out. I think I would love to live somewhere tropical to be honest, I think just sitting out on the beach with my laptop or a pen and paper would be nice. There’s just something inspiring and laid back about the whole Island experience, aside from hurricanes and poisonous animals it would be great to just lay back with flip flops and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and take it all in.
That all sounded like a Jason Mraz music video…
Okay back on topic, life is good, I’m in a great relationship, things looked horrible at first but now things will probably be steady again and hopefully I can get back to my old self. OH! Right, I also haven’t been cooking any homemade meals, which is bad because we have been eating a lot of take-out here in our apartment, I feel gross and disgusting, like all lazy and stuff from eating burgers and crap. I do love fast food but I don’t think I’d be able to live on it and sit on my ass all day drinking twenty bottles of coke, eeek! So I have to get back into the whole cooking thing again. I might make spaghetti tomorrow maybe? If not probably some chicken type thing, maybe some cajun chicken soup? Ugh that sounds amazing, just have to scour the internet for a recipe now LOL. This post is just terrible isn’t it? Ranting, complaining, wishing and now I’m just salivating here thinking about the food I could make.
But yeah I think I will go with the cajun chicken soup or something. I just LOOOOVEEEE cajun food, anything southern goes well in my tummy.

That looks good, maybe I’ll use it, just minus the organic stuff, yuck.
Anyway that’s all for tonight.


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