Happy Wednesday everyone! Today turned out to be a swell day, had a nice walk with my room mate, talked about school and what not, my future. I really enjoyed the weather as well even though it’s a little cloudy! It’s warm sweater/shirt weather, pretty much spring. So, everything seems pretty good today, hopefully I can get a little productive tonight after dinner, although it does look like another night of gaming is coming up. I know that doesn’t sound productive at all but, I get a little distracted from plans I make lol. Tonight’s plan was to come up with a concept for a child’s storybook, which is actually a little hard considering the fact that all the best ides I have are total rip-offs of other storybooks. Talking bears or animals aren’t very original am I right? So if tonight goes that way then hopefully, I can get on that. Not like I’m planning to publish the idea or anything, maybe just do it for inspiration. I have all the tools I need really, I can write, illustrate, brainstorm. All I need is something concrete to go off on, a lesson that can be passed on to the reader. Again, it’s a children’s storybook idea so, it might be something like; don’t steal, don’t swear, I don’t know! I will just have to think about it a little more I guess and hopefully tonight will be that night. All of this is coming to me while Big Bang Theory plays in the background, another matter I have to press on. I know it’s not some big world issue or whatever but it’s been bothering me. I used to really hate this show, like I still have this collective dislike for it. I find it rather boring and unfunny but I can’t help but watch it, maybe I just like the background noise or probably it’s just the nerdy references that are thrown in every now and then. The intro song is really boring too and it makes me a little sleepy for some reason. Other than that I do kind of enjoy watching it, it’s very mellow and laid back, something I like to have on TV when I’m bored. Still, the humor is a little dry and I really don’t find it funny at all as much as other people. Then again, I don’t really find stuff that other people find funny, humorous. Like that Superbad movie. I still think Bridesmaids was the only good Judd Apatow movie to ever be released, Superbad and everything else from that guy who brought you Superbad, sucks. But yeah, that’s just my thoughts, I really need to focus on one topic when I write these things out. It went from cloudy weather, to Big Bang Theory, then to Superbad. I am a horrible writer lol, but anyway I digress. What I really wanted to get on was the fact that today is a good day, a real good day. I’m happy I got to talk to my mom and my fiance today, the two people I can’t live without, hopefully tonight I will get to talk to my fiance a little more than I did today.
Also my roommate’s mom bought these super cute pillows yesterday, I just had to share them lol.


Cute huh? But yeah, I will end on that. Oh and the picture of the fruit, random I know but that’s another thing, I have to start eating more fruit and vegetables. We have a lot but we never get to eating them and they spoil afterwards. 😦 Hope you all have a good day!


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