So I’ve been playing Mass Effect 3 since, well, launch. It’s made me question a lot of things, storyline wise to be precise. I’ve been playing this series since the first one came out and to finally bring my Shepard’s story to an end is a collective and emotional sigh of relief. I pretty much made every decision in his little virtual life, made him fight his way through Geth hordes to fight Saren/Sovereign, got him killed then brought back to life by the mysterious yet slightly evil Ceberus, banged Miranda Lawson, and now finally he is fighting reapers and saving earth, the galaxy and beyond. Am I a little sad? Kind of, but very relieved and even though everyone in the video game community HATES that ending, I kind of really like it and hopefully Bioware expands on that with more DLC maybe, or some more games. I don’t want Mass Effect 4 but I would love another story, maybe some new characters or races we can play as. We already have multiplayer where we have the choice to be the select races and battle reapers and Cerberus on the sidelines while Shepard is saving humanity and stuff. Not as fun as I thought it would be but it’s still a little enjoyable nonetheless.

I really don’t think I will be writing a review for it either, it would probably be a little unfair since I have nothing bad to say about the game at the moment. Aside from all the expensive stuff you have to buy in order to get the cool DLC costumes and stuff. Great game, great storyline, an amazing experience overall, thank you to Bioware for making this masterpiece of a trilogy, you really have made an impact on the sci-fi culture.



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