Has anyone ever played Mirrors Edge? It was this third party first person game that was released back in 2008 by EA DICE, you know, those guys that make the Battlefield games. I remember back then watching the trailer and being so amazed at the gameplay (the graphics too) just the way you were able to control the character Faith and leap over obstacles, slide under them, jump over gaps, and of course kick ass. The game was mostly about running and eventually it let up to this challenge that you had to do speed runs and trials to see how fast you could beat a mission. It was fun at the time and completely mind blowing for the first two missions, then after that it got a little stale and was totally hit and then miss. I loved the idea and kudos to DICE for trying it out, but very meh. Looking back at it now, I actually kind of want a spiritual sequel, something DICE could work their ideas into and have a game like Mirrors Edge but better. The gameplay was flawless and so perfect even though I found myself getting a little dizzy at times, other than that we had this palette of different things incorporated into a video game. The story was a little lack luster, I don’t even want to get into what it’s about so maybe go on Youtube and check it out.

I just really loved how different it was from other first person perspective video games. It wasn’t just drop yourself in, shoot everything. No, you were this bad ass sort of heroine which had you trying to strategically run through this course as fast as you can, all the while trying to avoid or find really cool ways to take out your enemies. I for one hate ‘heroes’ in video games nowadays, you have this gigantic muscular guy with the shaved head, deep rough voice with this douche bag attitude, totally boring. I think I find myself investing and paddling deeper through female characters in video games, they seem so much more realistic than video game males. When I played as the character Faith in Mirrors Edge I found myself totally into it, the whole running thing. It was so freaking cool and I wanted more of it, the story though, no thank you. So, hopefully DICE can get their crap together and work on something other than the typical war FPS. I think they have this little piece of clay (Mirrors Edge) that they can mold into something more epic and on a gigantic scale, maybe an open world game with the same gameplay and idea? Who knows, all I know is that the game was a cult-hit and one day I want to play something like it again. No more generic FPS games, please.


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