So life has been kind of tiring so far.

Like usually my day consists of sleeping for a real long time, and then going to work for 5 to 8 hours or so, then I come home and sleep some more or play video games till about 5 in the morning. I think it’s time for a change. Usually I have these health kicks that last about, 2 days and then it’s back to my routine of junk and bad sleep. I kind of have to stop with this nonsense, I mean, I should probably treat myself once a month at least but not this. Of course I won’t stop playing video games, I never will, even when I’m like 80 years old. This junk food though, I think I should stop eating fast food and microwavable food. So today is day 1 of my health punch. My bed time will now be at 11pm and I will TRY to wake up 8am. I want to see if I can keep this up for a straight week and then probably continue it onto the rest of the year maybe? This is also because I can never shove in time to talk to my boyfriend, he lives in South Africa so our timelines are now messed and I only talk to him when I wake up. Then an hour later he has to go to bed, so no more of that either.
But yeah, just a rant about how I want to change my daily routine. Now to the juicy stuff. I just had an overload of video game playing, I purchased Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 for the PS2, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, The Sims 3, Silent Hill HD Collection, and I also started playing Skyrim. Not to mention I also dug up Final Fantasy XII, the only Final Fantasy game I never got to try and so far I love it. But yeah, Kingdom Hearts, awesome game! I played the first one years ago and then it got stolen from me. I wasn’t able to play the second because I didn’t finish the first one. So I’m pretty much unspoiled with the whole plot of the second one, which makes me happy because I’m playing an old ass game like it’s new. The plot on the second one is a little confusing but I’m getting there haha. Everything else though I can’t comment on because I dedicated most of my time to Kingdom Hearts. Other than that it’s great to finally get to try all these games, I found myself a little disappointed with Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, maybe because I haven’t really progressed into it.
Silent Hill HD Collection, started the second game, got a little scurred and saved, so hopefully later on I can finish it.

So yeah, that’s the update, I haven’t really gotten a chance to update this blog as much as I wanted to, mainly because of my tiredness and all, so expect regular updates from now on. *crosses fingers*


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