I’ve recently thrown in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade into the old Wii thinking I would probably get bored of it. ( I usually get bored of Harvest Moon games once I reach my second playthrough) I had a few friends over and I learned a few tips from them that I didn’t know myself, like wagging the wiimote and the areas you water fill faster. Once I learned that it made planting my crops easier and things felt nice and paced, a problem I have with most Harvest Moon is my patience to stand and water every square of my crops. But again my interest in Harvest Moon was nourished and I was able to sit there for a few hours and thread away at the never ending media playing before me. I had a goal to get the Hero Farmer title and fill my little virtual pockets with “G” the currency in the Harvest Moon series. For once I was able to focus on something other than getting married and making friends with everyone in the village, which was usually my goal in every Harvest Moon game since the 64 version. Hell that was pretty much the reason I got the 64 version in the first place.
Now that everything was in place and my wallet was full of money I wish I had in real life, I made my way across the town finding out how to get bells, I also forgot where and how to find them. Bells in Animal Parade, a boring side quest where you do fetch quests so you can progress further and gain more characters in your town to interact with. Though not the funnest part of the game it still gives it a small change of formula.

So as of today I guess all I have done is farm and buy a bunch of animals that will probably die in two years, sad stuff but you know these games.
Anyway I shall update on any interesting things that happen, which I’m doubtful because I might marry Renee once I’m done hoarding money.
Anyway, where are the console Harvest Moon games? All I see on the release wagon are a few 3DS titles, maybe they’re waiting or the WiiU to be released? Ugh one can only hope, I’m tired of playing Animal Parade and Tree of Tranquility over and over. Also that horrible Rune Factory series, so boring and weird.. Well at least I can look forward to the Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, that game actually looks good and even though it’s being released for the 3DS it has a whole bunch of new features.


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