Cryptomundo » Profiling the Kappa


In New Page Books’ regular Creature of the Month slot at their blog, Oberon Zell-Ravenheart delves into the world of the mysterious Kappa…

He says:

“In Japanese Shinto tradition, Kappas are malevolent water spirits who pull little children into the water to drown and devour them, and attack travelers and animals. These amphibious creatures dwell in lakes, rivers, and ponds, and are typically described as roughly humanoid in form, about the size of a 6-10-year-old child. They have webbed fingers and toes with five digits, frog-like legs, simian bodies with mottled green, blue, or yellowish-brown scales, and are sometimes depicted with a turtle shell on their backs. Some are shown with long-haired monkey faces, and some with turtle beaks or duck bills. They are said to smell like fish, and they can certainly swim like them.”

via Cryptomundo » Profiling the Kappa.

If you have time you should check out the Cryptomundo blog, it’s summer so a lot usually happens during this season in the crytid world.


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