I remember when I was a young gamer, the few games I haven played have always had a large impact on the type of gaming I tend to mold myself into. One of those games was Resident Evil, now this is not what the post is about but it is slightly on the same plate. Survival Horror became one of my favorite genres in the gaming universe, I loved the idea of going into a game and playing it out as a horror movie. I generally would get get scared every time something would come crashing through the window, but nothing from Resident Evil ever affected me emotionally or made me think a lot about what was happening other than the storyline.

Silent Hill became one of those games, I remember one January back when it was being released I had a subscription to a magazine called Officialy Playstation Magazine. Every issue had a demo disc inside that would include a bunch of demos that you could play.
I remember one stood out to me though, out of all the crap on that disc I remember thinking that this game looked the most interesting.
Although you didn’t get to do much and it was just a small introduction to what the game was about I was hooked. I wanted to know about Harry Mason and where his daughter was. I bought the game and beat it in a few weeks, mainly because I was in elemntary school and didn’t have much time to complete it in a few sittings.
I loved it, loved everything about the game and hoped for a sequel even though the conclusion pretty much spelled out ‘The End’ for me, not saying it didn’t leave open doors for a few other gamers depending on what ending they got.

So a few game releases later I had forgotten about the Silent Hill series, I remember thinking about getting Silent Hill 3 after seeing a crap load of TV spots on various late night channels but never got the chance to.
Of course, that is always my excuse, didn’t have time for it and was too busy playing other games.
Now again, many years later I bought a copy of the HD Collection for Playstation 3, which contained two games. The second and third, both I never got to play. Although I did get a chance to play the second one a few years before but again, didn’t really get some down time with it.
I knew nothing of the storyline in the two games and it was all new to me. So a couple weeks before this post I sat with a couple girls, my one cousin Lisa and our friend Melanie. They wanted to watch me play through the games for some reason and once we started we couldn’t stop. It was mainly me playing though but I’m pretty sure Melanie invested herself into the story as well, a few times we would even google the symbolism of the monsters in Silent Hill 3.

Silent Hill 2 we started first of course, a really interesting game and very puzzling to say the least. The gameplay was a little mushy and at times I found myself struggling to run away from most of the monsters just to gain a few pints of health. The storyline on the other hand, wow.. Everything in this game was loaded with emotion, whether it be the gripping twist near the end about James and his late wife, to the written letters about the young girl Laura you encounter. It was everything I didn’t expect, the music made everything better, that cherry on the top of a perfect cake that you just can’t enough of.
Once it was all over I remember sitting there thinking about all that occured, it was a cinematic and emotional experience for me, possibly for the other two girls but mostly for me.
Oh and this isn’t a review as you can tell, mostly just a collection of small thoughts about completing these two games.
Now, Silent Hill 3 on the other hand was a slightly different experience. I found the game a little more disturbing than the second and the imagery a lot more grotesque yet beautiful in a weird way.
The story was meh to say the least, aside from getting closure to the Harry Mason storyline we also get to see his daughter struggle to find out about her true self admist all of this chaos being caused by Claudia, a crazy religious ho who’s trying to make Heather give birth to some deformed god.

So, these two games are off of my back log and I can finally say I played them, but what about the fourth game? I don’t know, maybe one day I will hunt it down and play it. I also heard it might be released on the Playstation Network and XBOX Live Arcade? Doubtful but I would love to give it a try at least once..
So my final verdict on these two games? One is amazing and the other is great, you must play them!


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