Final Fantasy XII, it was one of those FF games I just didn’t get a chance to pick up or even bother to look at.
I didn’t really know a lot about it other than that it was set in Ivalice, the same setting for the Final Fantasy Tactics games. Me being a big fan of the Tactics series I thought I might as well pick it up even though I’m 2012 late.

From the get go I am starting to notice that usually the Final Fantasy games I’m most excited for end up being complete utter crap. This is one of the games I wasn’t excited for and playing it right now, I am starting to enjoy the hell out of it. I am only two hunts in and I can already feel that familiar Final Fantasy vibe that has left me over the years, sure I do love the new games and their linearity, I can deal. This game though, it has a spark that I haven’t encounted since say, Final Fantasy VIII.

The ability to just run around freely and enjoy the visual feast that is Rabanastre is amazing, the city is flourishing with acitivty and seeing Bangaas and Moogles scuffle around is pleasing to the eyes, especially for a Tactics fan like myself.
The gameplay so far is just as spectacular, it kind of reminds me of playing an MMO.
I think when I played the Final Fantasy MMO I didn’t really enjoy it because I found the setting too boring, and I can already see that XIV is suffering from that same fate. Maybe Square-Enix should set it in Ivalice with all the same themes from these amazing games?

I don’t know really, Square-Enix hasn’t been making a lot of good decisions as of late and I know that’s a long stretch for them to even acknowledge, but wouldn’t you play a FF MMO with all the features and themes from the Tactics universe?
Anyway aside from that I think this will probably go down in my list of favorite Final Fantasy games, as I can tell it is already enjoyable and the whole system is very new yet familair to me. Also can I just say looting is fantastic? All I do is go hunt creatures in the Giza Plains and sell their crap.
Even though Vaan looks like a blonde guido, I am enjoying myself.


5 thoughts on “I am enjoying Final Fantasy XII, also the sky is blue.

    • The plot so far is a little generic and typically Final Fantasy but other than that it’s fun and the battle system is really good. It’s very tedious though but for me that’s a good thing and a rare feature in new Final Fantasy games.

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