Wake up Noctis!

Hey, so Final Fantasy Versus XIII is officially still in development. Yeah, over the week Kotaku posted a nasty rumor that the game was cancelled by Square-Enix, well not officially cancelled but they were going to let it fade out and eventually disappear, or meld it into another Final Fantasy game.

This is good news or it could just be damage control from Square-Enix and maybe now they are continuing developemtn after that news leaked out that it would be cancelled?
Who knows! The upside is that maybe we’ll ge tto see this game SOON, there is some news that Square-Enix will be announcing some Final Fantasy XIII news come September, we all know that it will be related to the XIII Lightning Saga, but that’s alright with me. I would love some concrete Versus news, and I’m sure the rest of the FF fanbase agrees with me!
So here’s the most recent footage, I know a lot of people have seen it but we might as well take a good look at what might change when we get news soon.


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