Why the interest in cryptozoology? Bigfoot isn’t real, Alex…  I hear that a lot and I have a lot of friends who make fun of my interests, it’s cool and all but I never really touched base with my interest in the paranormal or cryptids.
I don’t even think my fiance who I’ve been dating for a REAL long time knows a lot of where my interest started and why I keep searching up stuff.
Well, i t all started many many years ago when I was watching TV, I happened to catch Unsolved Mysteries when it was a regular thing on TV. You remember that show right?
Well, basically after that I was hooked, TV docu was my heaven and while most kids my age were watching Dragon Ball Z and yeah, I watched it too, the one thing I watched the most was Unsolved Mysteries. Then after awhile I began watching other shows and later on it grew into a fascination.
It’s funny because I don’t really expect to see Bigfoot just chilling on the side of the road in the park, I don’t think I would call myself a skeptic just yet though.
So hopefully sometime in the near future I can have my own cryptid encounter, whether it be Bigfoot, some sort of Alien creature, or just a bird nobody has seen yet.
I will stay on the fence however, in-between someone like, Josh Gates reality and the reality that so many people cling onto so these creatures don’t exist.
Short post today though, I have nothing exciting to write about, although since we’re on the topic I did notice that this summer is again another summer without any cryptid news. Usually every summer cryptid news is more active, but this summer has basically just been news about how Finding Bigfoot is having another season and how some other cryptozooligists have died this year.


4 thoughts on “Where I stand on Cryptozoology.

  1. I love the aspect of cryptozoology where people hunt for recently extinct animals. I’m really looking forward to someone finding a Tasmanian tiger…still holding onto that hope!

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