Four days ago I purchased Sims 3 for the xbox 360, not everyone’s first choice when it comes to buying a sims game. But because I don’t have a computer that could handle the graphics for a sims game I had to buy it for the xbox, which is fine for me. So anyways, since I am staying over at my cousins, and they don’t have an xbox, I have to wait to play. But my cousins roommate, which just so happens to be Alex, has sims 3, but for the ps3 so I wanted to play it. So today I decided to try out sims 3. So I started my own game file, I had my own little sims to play with. Everything was going well.

I had a nice large home (with the help of Spoot the magic llama), a good job. I got married, and got my sim pregnant. All this happened in a span of 6 hours. So one sim day, my pregnant sim went into labour. When I opened up the town map to send her to the hospital, I couldn’t see the town, it was just black. When I backed out of the map, my sims froze, time was still going, but they were frozen.  So I tried to save it hoping that I could exit out of the game and just reload my file. But as I was saving my file,  it froze right at the save screen.  So I just quit the game, and started it back up.

When I tried to look for my file that had a lot of stuff done on I couldn’t find it. I only found my file I had when I had a crappy house.  After that happened, I was frustrated, all the hours I put into that file, gone, just like that. I basically rage quit after that. It was a lesson learned, save multiple files and save often.

P.S. this is Melanie, I am a new editor for this blog

Peace and blessings


4 thoughts on “My Sims 3 incident….

  1. This has happened to me a couple times and there is no way out of it.. Best way is to backup save files, good luck next time.

  2. i remember i was playing the sims once and my girl sim was pregnant, instead of the game freezing like yours my baby changed into some eight legged creature

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