So, what can I say? I love a Pokemon game! I finally got to playing Pokemon Black which came out last year, I know! So far so good, I beat the main storyline already and had the credits roll, now I’m just exploring and possibly going to tackle the sages quest thingy.
Overall it was a great Pokemon game, one of the best that has been released since Silver (also picked up Soul Silver which I have to say is an exceptional remake of an amazing game)
The graphics are astonishing for a Pokemon game, the part where you enter that very large city and it shifts to 3D, picture perfect and such an amazing toss to the gamer.
The story itself is really good, kind of like something you would expect from someone like Square-Enix.
If you haven’t picked up the game you HAVE to at least give it a try, I recommend it highly.

So I also picked up Crysis 2, I haven’t played the first one but from what I can tel it’s already a really good game.


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