I don’t think my fiance knows this but I am very proud of him. I feel sometimes that I’m not really up to the bar of what he deserves, like, I always think of how lucky I am to have someone who is really focused on his work.
He’s almost finished with University in South Africa and he will probably stay in school to work on buisness next year while he works. I’m going to miss him even more but it just hits me hard how I could’ve found a joe blow who doesn’t do anything with their life and just sits around all day getting drunk and stoned.
He’s working hard though and I’m very proud of that, I wish I could fly out to South Africa for his graduation but sadly I have to work through December.
We’ve been together for two years now, it will be a full three years in October and this is probably the longest relationship I’ve been in, I’m also very proud of that too. Through all the arguments and sadness we made it this far and I know for a fact that we will be together until we are old and grey.
So, I just really wanted to get that off my chest.


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