So it’s been what, a month since Resident Evil 6 was released. This review is a little late and I might have added a few things here and there but bear with me, I haven’t been as active on here as I used to be, mainly because of laziness.
So I purchased Resident Evil 6 for the Playstation 3, my initial thoughts going into it was that this game was going to be a tad different from Resident Evil 5, which was basically action oriented salivation pouring from Capcom’s money grubbing mouths.
To my surprise, Resident Evil 6 is an elevation of that.
The game is good, it starts off good, then as it progresses it finds itself tangled in a mish mash of poor story writing and clunky plot holes.
The story line is basically something you would expect from a Michael Bay movie, which isn’t that great. The only highlight was the inclusion of Sherry Birkin from Resident Evil 2, who is now a grown ass woman, and damn she has grown.. Aside from that you have your typical Resident Evil characters, Leon Kennedy from almost every Resident Evil media throw out since 4, our now less buffed up Chris Redfield from the first Resident Evil game, Code Veronica, and Resident Evil 5. Also one of my favorites Ada Wong has an unlockable campaign which I must say is the biggest boom factor of the game. As much as the RE fanbase likes to hate on the storyline and even with it’s obvious plotholes and lack of pacing it’s still a good story for an action game. Each and every moment that I moved along with the storyline, mainly with Leon’s campaign, I was on the edge of my seat. From the quick time events to landing a damn plane in the fictional Chinese city of whatever the fuck it’s called I had a blast.

The events are obviously very well choreographed and cheesy at the same time but then again, this is now an action genre, away with the survival horror that everyone said it was. (I disagree) You have a concrete movie experience here. Something you are able to replay over and over until you get the crappy collectibles and achievements. It’s still fun, the graphics are explosive, the music is epic, the voice acting has gotten better, and the gameplay itself is fun. I don’t see any evolution along the long winding road that Capcom is taking the franchise but what I see is a great base structure for a triple AAA title. It will be no Skyrim and it won’t ever reach the status of some of the big games you’ve played in the past couple years, but it is a fun arcade experience that has some replay value.

Now, the thing I love about this is the one thing you wouldn’t expect to be fun from a Resident Evil game, well, it ends up being the best part of the whole experience. I’m talking about The Mercernaries game mode, the extra content that you usually have to unlock at the end of your playing time. This mode for once is actually fun, the new gameplay structure makes it soar high above what you thought would be the main of the  game. It’s fun and fast paced, playing online is actually fun, racking up points for killing ugly but beautiful creatures has become my mainstay of the RE6 experience.

Would I recommend this game? Yes I do, especially if you love action games.



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