Ever feel like a quick vacation to some hot spot that everyone on your Facebook/Twitter has been raving about? Well.. Maybe you’re a little paranoid and you don’t really have the right information about what goes on abroad? Well look no further. As I was flipping around the channels looking for something to watch I thought I might check out my usual stomping grounds on the TV guide. My usual consists of National Geographic, Animal Planet, TLC, The Food Network (yeah!),and Discovery Science, so it was around 2am and I checked the Travel Channel. I mainly watch this channel for Ghost Adventures, which in my opinion is probably the best comedic ‘”reality” show out there! So anyway, I landed and Scam City was on.
Scam City is hosted by British economist, writer and television presenter Conor Woodman, it’s one hour long and probably the most interesting thing I’ve ever seen since Locked Up Abroad. Basically Conor Woodman travels to popular destinations like Prague, Las vegas and Paris to lock down scam artists so you won’t have to fall for these scatty tricks. From being told that a popular club in the city has VIP passes to TAXI drivers overcharging tourists, he goes there and pays the heavy fees all the while exposing everything on camera, getting the dirty details, and sometimes putting himself in danger.
The episode I watched last night was a holiday in Prague, Conor got himself overcharged by a TAXI called Euro Taxi, a nefarious taxi company owned by a feared man (forgot his name) who allows his taxi drivers to carry guns and threaten their passengers if they don’t pay the fee. He also gets himself allowed into a club with promises of beautiful women, a sauna, hot tub and cheap alcohol, which then has him threatened by a pimp who won’t allow him to leave the club unless he pays him 500 euros, he only ends up paying him 350 euros and leaves. He then returns the next night to interview one of the pimps who says there are hunters outside hotels who make these promises to gullible travelers.

It’s a very gripping show and it lures you in, I myself have always wanted to go to Prague just to see the beautiful architecture of the buildings and taste the many foods. Now I know what to worry about when I go.


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