Rayman is one of those games I’ve never really been into. I don’t understand what the series has went through or what changes it has made other than the jump from 2D to 3D and now back to 3D. So I decided to give the Rayman Legends demo a try. From all the videos I’ve seen of what it was to what it has become now I can totally see the changes that has been made. Like Rayman Origins it uses some hand drawn animation for the game itself set in a 2D world. The game is so far beautiful and engaging and the animation is so fluid, I’m having a good time playing the demo.

My thoughts though? I’ll for sure grab myself a copy, but what I take from playing it? I would LOVE to see a Mario game adopt this hand drawn animated style. I’m one of the Mario players that has grown bored of the New Super Mario Bros. art style, mainly because I see every Mario game as being the same, not including the 3D ones like Mario 64 and Galaxy.
Can you imagine a Mario game with the Rayman Origins/Legends art style?
I can, and it would look beautiful! Just take a look at this Rayman Legends screen shot.



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