So I’ve had the console for about a month now and from what I’ve experienced, this is Nintendo’s new killer app. But will it stand the test of time over the course of the next year when Sony and Microsoft release their new consoles? Probably yes, probably not.
You probably know ALL the features by now and what Nintendo has brought to the table with it’s first entry into HD gaming, but the HD isn’t really what you will be flocking to when you purchase the console.
Like many who got it I found myself going straight to the MiiVerse each and every time I logged in. The MiiVerse is Nintendo’s own version of a social network embedded into a gaming console for gamers.

So far I’ve drawn many many Nintendo related things garnering ‘Yeahs’ (Nintendo’s very own version of the ‘Like’ system that Facebook has integrated.) and when stuck in New Super Mario Bros. U I found myself logging into the MiiVerse while my game was paused to get hints about how to beat a level (sad I know) but it was essential if I wanted to move on further without watching a walkthrough on Youtube.
It’s a neat little system and possibly the best online gaming experience I’ve ever had, it’s fun and ambitious and hopefully Nintendo does a lot more with it in the future.
I myself have experienced the best of both worlds. I’m a veteran Playstation Network user and from what I’ve learned and brought in from both the online experiences on XBOX 360 and PS3, it’s shocking and finally gratifying to be able to connect with players all over the world in a new way.

Gone are the random ads plastered all over your XBOX dashboard, gone are Sony ads that infect your XMB screen, this is mainly a gaming console and like Nintendo has always promised, they make gaming consoles for people who love to play video games.
It’s a promise I’ve always looked forward to, sure I love being able to play Blu-Rays on my PS3, sure I love being able to… Do whatever it is you do on an XBOX 360 console that you can’t do anywhere else. With Nintendo though I’ve never had that worry about buying into a different source of media.

This one is for the gamers, and even though there isn’t much of a launch title list, you still get to enjoy an HD Mario experience, fight off hoardes of zombies in ZombiU, and play a little bit of Call of Duty on a Nintendo console in HD.
This one is something you can’t miss out on, and I mean come on, Zelda in HD? You know you want to see that.


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