Years ago I introduced myself to the Final Fantasy series, it changed my life in a huge way and has fueled my inspiration to write stories and draw. Like The Legend of Zelda series it has brought a lot into my life as a gamer and forged itself into a staple must have in my collection of video games.
There was one thing though, it has never blown me away in the same way a Zelda game has. Why is this? I don’t know really, the last really good Final Fantasy game I’ve played was Final Fantasy XII.
It was different and it spawned from one of my favorite Final Fantasy games in the series, Tactics. Final Fantasy VIII was also one of my favorites and it has the same effect that XII has on me. Although I’ve never been torn off my seat and thrown into a Final Fantasy game I have enjoyed them to the fullest, well some of them but you know. Each game has had a different burn on my skin but never have I been set on fire.
Square-Enix, which used to be Squaresoft (we all know this story) have changed over the years, their games used to have feature length quality and high grade battle systems, which they seemed to trade for better CGI sequences and better graphics.
Graphics for me are the tell-tale of a love hate relationship, sure the graphics in Final Fantasy XIII were astonishing, but they didn’t save the game for me. Final Fantasy XIII felt more like a movie you could play along with, sure I enjoyed it and might have been the only one that enjoyed it, but it didn’t blow me away.
I know with a lot of fans they have their favorite, Final Fantasy VII, along with their constant battle to get Square-Enix to remake this game, but why I ask, why this game? I’ve grown to love the game but not a love for another remake. How about Square-Enix makes a good Final Fantasy game instead of remaking THAT one. I don’t know.

So I write this short love letter to Square-Enix, wondering where our amazing Final Fantasy game is. Final Fantasy Versus XIII seems to be the only one that has drawn some spectacular interest, but that game hasn’t really, been released yet… As we lie in wait all I can hope is that Square-Enix releases a beautiful fully playable Final Fantasy game that more than lights a spark inside me.


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