The King of Monsters Returns.

The King of Monsters Returns.

I am a Godzilla fan, I’ve watched every movie and I’ve been through the horrendous American remake. Sure I thought it was an amazing idea when I was a child, seeing the redesign of our favorite gargantuan lizard “tear apart” New York City, but thinking back now as an young adult who has seen a lot of movies, It really sucked to watch “Godzilla” get tangled up in a bridge and get bombarded by missiles.
It just didn’t make sense that a create that bore the name Godzilla could be taken down so easily. Now that a reboot is on the horizon I would like to visualize what could make a really good Godzilla movie, in three descriptions. Bear with me though, these ideas might not be favorable by most.

Some fans have already got their imaginations on fire.

Some fans have already got their imaginations on fire.

The first description I would like to lay everyone down on would be the visual, the amazement in seeing a possible redesign of our favorite monster. A small redesign but not too much would be shocking to see. Like every Godzilla fan I would love to see a more menacing appearance take form of our monster. By menacing I mean not the bubbly looking design we were used to seeing in Kaiju form. Those big round eyes and those little arms are not pleasing to this generations eyes, I’m talking destruction in the eyes, a more biological form. I want Godzilla to evoke feelings of amazement and fear, the reboot can surely do this judging from the concept designs we’ve all seen. I am one of the many who hasn’t seen the Comic-Con teaser but judging from the little cellphone capture we all got, Godzilla looks terrifying and beautiful at the same time.
I want that feeling to go into the cinema with a lot of other people that know we are going to see a Godzilla movie, a lot of newcomers will of course shrug and laugh looking back at the movies we grew up with. I want to shock them.
The new Godzilla would have to leave them at the edge of their seat, not too many shots of its mass at first until the middle of the film would terrify a lot of new audiences. The same way Ridley Scotts ‘Alien’ film shocked a lot of audiences. What you don’t see is more terrifying than having a monster constantly in your face. The problem is, Godzilla would be a hard thing to hide amidst its destructive trail.
So how much of Godzilla would we have to see to fear him? Not a lot, and that brings me to my next description of what audiences and characters in the film would have to share.

We've watched real life crisis tear apart our emotions, how would it look in a Godzilla movie?

We’ve watched real life crisis tear apart our emotions, how would it look in a Godzilla movie?

The feeling of powerlessness. My vision of the descriptions of the little trailer shown at Comic-Con would have to come to life, that feeling of human emotion where we can’t do anything to save ourselves.
We’re all set for movies when they come out, movies like Independence Day or even the Godzilla remake back in 1998. We knew that the Americans would prevail at the end and the monster would be destroyed.
I think we as moviegoers are too familiar with that feeling and with Godzilla, I would want a feeling of hopelessness. No matter where the movie is set I want the characters to feel like there is no chance of destroying their destroyer, its a haunting scenario, its also very beautiful and daring to bring to the screen with a monster movie.
Why do we always win? Why do we always have ultimate plans to get rid of this creature? He’s Godzilla, we can’t win this time, he won’t let us. This is his comeback and the thought of characters trying to survive the attack to carry out their own is sad, but it has to be done.
Its something a lot of people feel today as humans, we can prevail after a natural disaster, we can climb out of it and survive as one, no matter how many we have lost. Godzilla though, is it something we can explore in the film? Gareth Edwards has given us a promise, he will get the movie right. The question is, will he have enough balls to do something like this? Probably not, and I know not a lot of fans are with me that Godzilla should survive and destroy us. Which brings to my next description.

Our destruction would look amazing in a Godzilla movie.

Our destruction would look amazing in a Godzilla movie.

What if we lose? In the climax, Godzilla stands amidst the destroyed city of choice, giving his famous roar above the clouds of smoke and ash. How will the audience take it? There has been rumors and slight confirmation of some big monsters fighting with Godzilla in the reboot. If this is true it would be amazing to have them lying among the rubble along with injured an lifeless bodies of our civilizations, all at Godzilla’s feet. Would our loss be a triumph at the box office? Sure, it might be. Humans or Americans winning at the end of a box office film like this is all too treated, we see it and its burned into our minds that we defeated Godzilla. I think the destruction of a city and an army brought to its knees would show the audience that we can’t always win, Godzilla is just too strong. This is his territory now and we are powerless. Nuke him all you want that is possibly how we created him. People would perceive it quickly as anti-climatic, but would it please Godzilla fans to see the king of monsters prevail? I myself as a fan would love to see all these descriptions come to life. I have been mocked all my life for being a fan of Godzilla movies, I look back now and think, sure they were crappy laughable movies. I only thought it was cool to see Godzilla fight other monsters, Kaiju. Now I want people to see my friend Godzilla obliterate our hopes and dreams, destroy our cities, bring us to our knees. We have been victorious over aliens, watched as the Cloverfield monster was brought down by a nuke, befriended giant transforming robots, its time we are taught a lesson. The climax and victory of a gargantuan creature is chilling, and I think it would make for a great last shot to show that he means business.

Now as I sign off I ask what you would love to see in the Godzilla reboot? Do you agree with my descriptions? We will all find out in 2014 what Gareth Edwards is up to.


4 thoughts on “My Recipe for Godzilla 2014

  1. yup dude…..am a godzilla fan myself….i want godzilla to come out on top and humans destroyed,,,,,,i agree wit this…..

  2. Seriously ?????? You call yourself a Godzilla fan yet insult him at the same time ?????? How can any Godzilla fan set back with a straight face and say that the entire series is ” crappy ” and “Laughable” ???? Sure there are some stinkers ( Godzilla raids again. Godzilla vs the sea monster. Godzilla’s revenge. Godzilla vs megaton. Son of Godzilla. And Final Wars. ) but the majority are well made films and many have a lot of Symbolism to them. If you can watch these movies and all you can say is ” duurrr fake duurrr ” than you DON’T GET IT, and don’t deserve to set here on your little blog and have the audacity to call yourself a Godzilla Fan.

  3. I agree with you fully. I’ve been a g Godzilla fan since I was little and I hated seeing Godzilla get killed as a child watching the 1998 film. And seeing him win would be awesome and terrifying at the same time.

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